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What do you need to know about your new hearing aids?

Hearing aids make a big difference in how you interact with the world. While it’s exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming initially when you get new hearing aids. You’ll want to follow your audiologist’s directions, particularly in the first few weeks while you’re transitioning, to get the best results. Hearing clinics in Orleans

My Experience Fitting Hearing Aids at Echo Audiology

Getting Hearing Aids Should Be Fun!  When you come in for your hearing aid fitting, you should plan to spend between 60 and 90 minutes with your Echo Audiology clinician. We will start by examining your ears to ensure that it’s safe to insert the devices. We use your ear measurements to position the hearing

Getting Hearing Aids Is Not Like Getting Glasses

With the Proper Fit and Adjustments, Hearing Aids Can Vastly Improve Hearing  When you first get hearing aids in Ottawa, you may feel excited to finally hear everything you’ve been missing. If you wear glasses, you know how easy it is to simply slip them on in the morning or when you need help reading.

What Happens If You Do Not Use Your Hearing Aids Regularly?

You Could Go Back in ‘Hearing Loss Land’, Explain Your Trusted Ottawa Audiologists If a hearing test in Ottawa has led to you finding out you have hearing loss, you may have already invested in a suitable set of hearing aids. But the key question is: are you using your hearing aids all day long,

The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

One of the latest advancements in hearing aid technology has been the introduction of Bluetooth compatibility. Bluetooth technology has been circulating in everyday life for many years, used as a way to wirelessly transmit digital information between two electronic devices. Just as cell phones can be connected to car radios, now your hearing aids can

Rechargeable vs. Battery-Powered Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology has evolved significantly over the years since it was first invented. Today, these little, yet powerful devices help restore hearing, as well as independence and improve the overall quality of life of those who need them. However, hearing aids can be a costly investment, so it’s important to understand each type of

Things to Know about ITE Hearing Aids

Whether you have mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, finding a suitable type of hearing aid can hugely improve your quality of life. Thanks to breakthrough technology, today’s hearing aid models are all designed to be as discreet as possible in order to provide the most comfortable fit for the wearer without sacrificing sound quality,

Things to Know About BTE and Open BTE Hearing Aids

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids are the most common hearing aid style. They are recognized for their power and ability to accommodate wide ranging hearing loss. Traditionally, BTE hearing aids rest behind the ear and with the help of a small tube, connect to a custom earpiece that fits inside the ear canal. A frequent variation

What is a RIC Hearing Aid?

If you are shopping for a new hearing aid, it is likely you’ll come across a number of different styles, including the receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid. The RIC hearing aid is one of the most popular types of hearing devices as it features several unique advantages including its flexibility in power and small, discreet size,

What Are the 4 Main Price Bands for Hearing Aids in Ottawa?

While the average cost of a hearing aid can range from about $1000 – $4000, it can last several years and be paid for in monthly installments. What’s more, the purchase of your hearing aid typically includes the clinical services that are required to increase your chances at success with your acoustic rehabilitation. These services