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How Long Does It Take for Your Brain to Adjust to a Hearing Aid?

How Long Does It Take for Your Brain to Adjust to a Hearing Aid?

Getting your new hearing aids is exciting. The first few days are great. You can hear so much more. You made the right decision. You then also notice that you are hearing a lot more than you anticipated. You are tired at the end of the day. Your voice sounds different than it used to. You get frustrated with all the sounds you are now hearing, especially in noisier environments. This is pretty common in the first week of wearing your hearing aids in Ottawa.  

Why Does Your Brain Need Time to Adjust to Your Hearing Aids?  

In most cases, your hearing didn’t change overnight. Hearing loss is more often gradual, so you may not have realized how much you were missing since it was happening little by little. When you get your hearing aids from hearing clinics in Ottawa, your brain can be overwhelmed with all the activity and new stimulation coming in. You have to learn how to process sounds again. Some sounds you may simply enjoy, others you may need to learn to tune out. Your brain also needs to relearn how to prioritize and filter these sounds.  

Tips for Adjusting to Your Hearing Aids  

When the background noise gets to be too much, you may simply need a break. It’s okay to take your hearing aids out to center yourself and then start the next day again. Keep a positive attitude and understand that your brain is relearning a skill. Be patient and keep wearing your hearing aids in Orléans as much as possible.  

After a couple to a few weeks, if things aren’t improving, talk to the Audiologist at your hearing clinic in Orleans. Your hearing aids may need adjustments to help you get used to them a bit easier. Contact us online or call 613-841-3033 to learn more about hearing aids.