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Cerumen Consultation & Wax Removal in Orléans & Ottawa

Cerumen Consultation & Wax Removal

Cerumen Consultation & Wax Removal

Our Cerumen Consultations are popular for patients who have ear-level symptoms such as pressure, blockage or fullness, and who are not sure what may be the cause of it. These appointments can also be for patients who have a history of wax build-up and require wax removal, or for Patients who have had wax removal done, but their symptoms are still present.

If you have ruled out wax build-up, and feel like your symptoms are still present but are also impacting your hearing, a  Medical Hearing Assessment  is then recommended, so that we can perform further testing and have additional information that will help us in providing you with the appropriate rehabilitation options.

Appointments available for Adults only. Please note that Wax Removal is not recommended if it is not necessary. Like any other procedures, it does carry some risks, which our Audiologists are trained for. If you do not have any symptoms of concern, Wax Removal is generally not recommended. 

When Wax is NOT present

We will review of your case history and perform a screening of your middle ear, to help rule out the involvement of the auditory system as the source of your symptoms, as well as identify if there is a need for further Audiology testing, further medical investigation or to help guide you in the right direction to address your symptoms.

When Wax IS present

We perform Wax Removal in one of two ways: curetting (using instruments) or irrigation (using water).

We use equipment that is not powered, therefore cannot create any loud or uncomfortable noises near your eardrum. We are also very gentle in our approach.

Our main objective is to ensure that we perform wax removal in the safest way possible. For this reason, wax removal may sometimes require more than one appointment, as well as oil treatments.

Note: We cannot recommend oil treatment until we see your ear, as there are sometimes medical reasons for which you cannot use oil in your ears (ex: perforated eardrum)


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