Ear Wax Removal Ottawa

We use 2 methods to perform wax removal: Curetting and Irrigation. We use equipment that is not powered, therefore cannot create any loud or uncomfortable noises near your eardrum. We are also very gentle in our approach. If you have any questions about a wax removal appointment, feel free to contact the clinic so we can best advise you.

More Products & Services

Your experience at Echo Audiology is important to us. For this reason, we added extra services and products to allow us to provide you with a more complete set of solutions and contribute to your overall hearing health.

  • Self Screening of Hearing on our iPad – to see if you require a hearing test by our Audiologist
  • Amplification Simulator – to instantly experience how it feels to improve your hearing
  • Hearing Loss Simulator – to allow your significant other to experience your hearing loss
  • 48h Drop-Off Program – to get your hearing aids cleaned when you’re running errands
  • Maintenance Products and Batteries – to refill your stock
  • “EarPlanes” – to help your ears when the pressure changes when travelling by plane
  • Specialty products – itchy ear lotions, ergonomic battery magnet, battery tester, etc
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Hearing Aid Accessories Can Give You That Extra Help

Hearing aids are a great solution for hearing loss. That said, we know that hearing in general is never perfect. When you get hearing aids, you are training your brain to hear differently. Sometimes, you may require a little bit of extra help.

Hearing aid accessories typically come as a bonus when you purchase hearing aids. They are not necessary, but they certainly can help you in the environments you most experience difficulties and in most cases, give you back a sense of control over your hearing.

Assistive Listening Devices Are for Everyone, Hearing Loss or Not

There are also other devices that can help people hear better, whether they have hearing loss or not. Sometimes we just need a little help hearing on the telephone at work, or hearing the television clearer.

We also carry visual aids or other devices for people whose hearing loss is too severe to hear fire alarms, doorbells or their morning alarm. Having these accessories can add a sense of security, as well as simplify your life.

There are a lot of devices like these that exist which can make it hard to navigate. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you identify the most appropriate solutions for you.

Do You Have Normal Hearing and Struggle to Hear in Noise? Try LACE!

Train Your Brain and Improve Your Listening

The LACE program (Listening and Communication Enhancement Program) was developed by a group of Audiologists and Engineers committed to help improve communication in difficult hearing environments.

It is a computer software that you complete in the comfort of your own home. You can choose for your Audiologist to track your progress, or simply do it yourself. The program works with you, and adapts to your answers, so it won’t be too hard or too easy.

There are 4 Types of Exercises to Help Improve your Listening Skills

Speech-in-Noise: helps you learn how to pick out a voice in a noisy environment
Rapid Speech: helps you develop skills to process speech when people speak quickly
Competing Speaker: helps you learn how to focus on one voice at a time
Word Memory: helps you remember the words spoken and predict what may come next

The software can be used on any Apple and Windows computers, as well as iOS and Android devices, with an internet connection.

Contact us to find out more about LACE, and start retraining your brain today.

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