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Cerumen Consultation & Ear Wax Removal Ottawa

Do your ears feel blocked, plugged, full or itchy? Do you feel pressure in your ears? If you do, your ears may be blocked with wax.

Earwax is produced by glands in your ear canal. Some people produce a lot of it, while some don’t; and this can change throughout your lifetime. Wax helps to trap dust and protect your ears from potential damages to your ear canal or eardrum, just like nose-hair protects you when you breathe air in. The body is meant to naturally push wax out of the ear canal, but sometimes it accumulates and needs to be taken out professionally.

What Are Cerumen Consultations?

Our Cerumen Consultations are popular for patients who have ear-level symptoms, but who are not sure if they are caused by wax build-up or not.

Be careful not to self-diagnose your symptoms. Our team has experience in helping you book the right type of appointment for you, so we can make sure to properly address your symptoms and provide you with the help you need.

If it is wax, we can help remove it via 2 methods: curetting (using instruments) or irrigation (using water). We use equipment that is not powered, therefore cannot create any loud or uncomfortable noises near your eardrum. We are also very gentle in our approach.

If it is not wax, we can perform other tests to assess if there are other issues such as fluid build-up or other types of blockage in the ear. We also have a Videotoscope so you can view you own ear canal and understand what may or may not have cause your symptoms.

Book an appointment today for a Cerumen Consultation, so we can help determine the source of your ear problem and offer you a solution!

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