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Hearing Aid Buying Guide

Experiencing hearing difficulties and thinking about getting hearing aids? Not sure which ones to select from the sea of products available on the market? Worried about how it would look, or whether it will really help in addressing your problem? Know that you are not alone! According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 466

What is the Cause of Hearing Aid Feedback?

If your grandparents had hearing aids, you may know what hearing aid feedback is. It is the annoying high pitch sound that comes out of a hearing aid. Read on to learn why and how hearing aid feedback may occur! Basically, it is the sound signal that leaks out of the hearing aid, cycles around

Can Hearing Aids Cause Headaches?

Why can hearing aids cause headaches? When you have hearing loss, your auditory system and your brain don’t get as much stimulation as they once had when you had normal hearing. Essentially, with a hearing loss, your hearing nerve and your brain are not getting enough exercise. So, when you first get hearing aids, you

What Causes Hearing Aid Background Noise?

The root cause of hearing aid background noise stems from the fact that hearing loss is typically a gradual process. For most people, they don’t really notice their hearing declining until someone in their surroundings points it out. A lot of people think that experiencing hearing difficulties come with age, or that their difficulties are

Why Am I Hearing My Voice After Getting Hearing Aids?

When we fit a patient with hearing aids, one of the first comments we hear is: “I can hear my own voice”. It may seem like a weird comment, especially if you are looking at this from the outside. But if you think about it, throughout your life, your brain has gotten used to hearing

My Career as an Audiologist with KarineBossé

An Interview with an Audiologist Karine Bossé, Audiologist and Business Owner, Echo Audiology, Ottawa, Ontario While she first had interest in becoming a teacher, by her teenage years, KarineBossé had decided that a career in either audiology or speech-language pathology was a good fit for her.  She decided on audiology and worked for 8 years

Facts about Side Effects of Hearing Aids – Are there Any

Do you have hearing loss, but are sceptical about wearing hearing aids due to their side effects? Would you rather feel left out at a family gathering, miss out on the commentary of your favorite sport, or accept that you won’t be able to hear the music you play? At Echo Audiology, many of our

Sudden Onset Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can occur gradually or with sudden onset. At Echo Audiology, your Orléans hearing clinic, we take your hearing seriously. Sudden Onset Hearing Loss may be mistaken for something else. If you suspect Sudden Onset Hearing Loss, contact Echo Audiology, your Orléans hearing clinic, immediately to schedule a priority assessment appointment. A Sudden Onset

Learn the 3 Types of Hearing Loss and How You Can Address It

Hearing Loss Hearing loss typically produces a decrease in the perception and understanding of sound, particularly under challenging listening conditions such as background noise. The perception of both simple and complex sounds (ie: speech and music) is usually affected. Hearing loss may also be associated with different types of health problems. Essentially, there are 3