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What do you need to know about your new hearing aids?

What do you need to know about your new hearing aids?

Hearing aids make a big difference in how you interact with the world. While it’s exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming initially when you get new hearing aids. You’ll want to follow your audiologist’s directions, particularly in the first few weeks while you’re transitioning, to get the best results. Hearing clinics in Orleans have specialists that can help you understand how to use your hearing aids and take care of them the right way.  

How many hours a day should you wear hearing aids? 

You should wear your hearing aids as much as possible while you’re awake. At first, you may need to start wearing your hearing aids gradually, starting with three to five hours each day and increasing in duration by an hour or two each day. Wear them at home or in quiet environments so you can focus on one-on-one conversations. As you get used to wearing your hearing aids, you can try more challenging environments. 

Are there possible side effects of wearing hearing aids? 

Modern hearing aid devices are technologically advanced, which minimizes their discomfort. Even so, there are still some minor side effects you may notice when you start wearing your hearing aids. Some people do experience itchiness or discomfort when wearing their devices. Discuss this with the audiologist because you may need to try out a differently shaped device. When you first start wearing aids, you may experience tiredness or headaches because your brain is working harder to adjust to hearing more sounds.  

How long does it take for your brain to adjust to a hearing aid? 

When you start wearing hearing aids in Ottawa, your brain has added activity, which can make you feel tired. You are getting used to a new acoustic environment in which you hear more background sounds. You also have to adjust to the device in your ears. These symptoms go away as you wear your device, often within a week. Wearing your hearing aids for increasingly longer durations helps you adjust more quickly.  

Is it OK to sleep with your hearing aids in? 

It’s not recommended to sleep while wearing your hearing aids. Sleeping on the microphone can cause feedback or whistling, which can wake you up. The hearing aids may also be uncomfortable to sleep on. Your skin needs time to rest from wearing the devices, because the materials are not breathable. Taking your hearing aids out at night allows ear wax to migrate out of your ear. It also preserves your battery life. Always make a point to take out your devices when you sleep.  

What do the buttons on my hearing aid do? 

Typically, the buttons on the hearing aid let you select between different environments or to change the volume, but this varies by product. Modern hearing aids have an extensive range of features that can be easily accessed by an application on your smartphone rather than tiny buttons on the hearing aid. Ask for a demonstration at our hearing clinics in Ottawa to learn more about how to control different hearing devices.  

Learn what’s normal and what’s not when wearing your hearing aid. 

Wearing your hearing aid can be overwhelming at first. Your own voice may sound louder to you. You may be distracted by background noises. You may get feedback while you’re on your cell phone. These are normal experiences, but your audiologist can help make adjustments to your device to make them less distracting. Modern hearing devices have more settings and more advanced technology that makes wearing aids more accessible and less uncomfortable than those of the past. When you understand what is normal and what isn’t, you can better adjust to your new hearing aids.  

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