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Earmoulds & Hearing Protection in Orléans & Ottawa

Earmoulds & Hearing Protection

Earmoulds & Hearing Protection

Hearing Aid Earmoulds

These are recommended for behind-the-ear hearing aid models. They are typically meant for hearing losses that require a bit more volume. However, there are a variety of reasons that can indicate that an earmould is a better option for a patient. We provide custom earmoulds for all purposes and for all ages, from infants to adults. Feel free to contact us if you have a prescription for earmoulds from the Children’s Hospital (CHEO).

Sleep and Swim Earmoulds

Sick of hearing someone snoring next to you? Tired of having water in your ears after swimming? Custom earmoulds can be a great solution! You can even get floatable earmoulds so you can easily find them in the water.

Music and Noise Earmoulds

Hearing loss due to noise is the only loss that is preventable. Protecting your hearing from noise is very important to help prevent damage to your hearing. There is a variety of custom products that suit various noisy environments, weather you are a musician, a singer, a mechanic or a hunter. We are here to help you figure out which options are best suited for you.

Looking For A 2nd Opinion? We Offer 2nd Opinion Consultations For Hearing Aids, For Tinnitus And For Any Ear Or Hearing Related Concerns.