Hearing Tests for Children

Hearing tests for children may be performed a little differently than for adults. At Echo Audiology, we can perform Otoacoustic Emissions Tests, Visual Reinforcement Audiometry, Play Audiometry and Standard Audiometry; therefore, we are able to offer hearing tests for children of all ages.

Otoacoustic Emissions Tests (OAE’s) (Approx. Ages 0-6 months)

An Otoacoustic Emissions Test verifies a part of the inner ear’s response to various sound signals. The test is mostly done on newborns, on infants, or on young children who may not be able to respond to a test behaviourally. That said, we can also perform this test on children of all ages, as well as adults, within a hearing test battery.

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) (Approx. Ages 6 months to 3 years)

With VRA, we condition your child to respond by turning their head towards the sound, and then reward them with a toy, lights, or other sounds that are located on each side of the Soundbooth. We may sometimes still have a team member of Echo Audiology in the booth, to help with the testing. Essentially, your child does not necessarily need to perform a task, but rather is expected to turn his or her head towards the sound out of curiosity.

Play Audiometry (Approx. Ages 3-6)

With Play Audiometry, we typically have one of our staff members play with your child inside the Soundbooth while the Audiologist performs the hearing test. Essentially, instead of pressing a button when they hear a sound, we condition your child to play when they hear the sound. For example, we might ask them to add a block on a tower or insert a coin into a game. We can typically use play audiometry from the ages of about 3 to 6, though this may vary depending on the child’s attention and ability to be conditioned.

Standard Audiometry (Approx. Ages 6-17)

Standard Audiometry is the same type of hearing test that we perform on adults. We basically require your child to respond to a sound they hear by pressing a button, responding verbally or by raising their hand.

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