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Why am I not successful with my hearing aids?

Why am I not successful with my hearing aids?

If you are finding that your hearing aids are not helping you hear as well as you thought they should, it is important to talk to an audiology clinic in the Ottawa area to troubleshoot the issue. There could be several factors at play, such as incorrect programming, problems with the devices themselves, or even something unrelated to the hearing aids. By understanding why you are not successful with your devices, you can work with your audiologist in Orléans to take corrective action and enjoy better hearing. 

There are many potential reasons why you may not be successful with your hearing aids. Here are a few:  

  • The hearing aids may not be properly fitted to your ears. For example, if the hearing aids are not staying well in your ears, they will not function as intended and may not provide you with adequate volume for your hearing loss   
  • The hearing aids you are using may themselves not be adequate for your hearing loss. Are you wearing hearing aids with domes or are they molded to your ears? This may impact the acoustics and how much volume we may be able to program into the devices themselves.   
  • Your hearing aids may need to be reprogrammed differently. The settings in your hearing aids can have a big impact on how well it works for you in various hearing settings. If the programming is not ideal, it may impact your level of success. 
  • Have you received enough counselling about your hearing loss, your hearing devices, and why they were selected or how they were programmed for you? Sometimes, asking for further counselling or getting a second opinion about your hearing loss and hearing aids may benefit you in better understanding why you may not be as successful as you had hoped.  

If you are having trouble with your hearing aids, it is important to consult with a hearing healthcare professional to determine why and what can be done to find a solution.  

What’s involved in working with hearing aid patients during their hearing journey? 

There are a number of different steps that the audiologists in Orléans at Echo Audiology take to help guide hearing aid patients during their hearing journey: 

  1. We conduct a thorough hearing assessment, which helps to determine the severity of our patient’s hearing loss and what types of hearing aids would be best suited for them. We take into account the results of the assessment but also our observations and our patients’ reported difficulties when recommending any appropriate options.  
  2. Once the evaluation is complete, we counsel on the various styles, manufacturers, and technologies available; and decide alongside our patients what may be best for them based on the acoustic requirements and our patients’ preferences.  
  3. After we have selected hearing aids, we schedule another appointment to take the time we need to properly fit, program and verify the hearing aids. We measure the devices while they are in our patients’ ears to make sure they are programed well, are comfortable, and are safe to use.   
  4. We then take time to show our patients how to manage and care for their hearing aids, as well as what to expect from them. There are realistic expectations to have in acoustic rehabilitation, and we try to make sure our patients understand their own limitations based on their auditory systems, as well as those in real life communications.  
  5. Finally, we follow up as needed to make sure our patients are comfortable, are adapting well, are benefiting from their hearing aids, and are working towards their hearing potential, while taking into account their comfort levels.

How to maintain your hearing aids 

There are a number of different things that you can do to maintain your hearing aids, starting with making sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis. This includes wiping them down with a soft, dry cloth or with the provided maintenance products, and removing any buildup of earwax that may be blocking the devices.  

You should keep the hearing aid batteries fresh. This means replacing them as soon as they start to run low. If the hearing aids are rechargeable, it is important to charge them on a daily basis or based on the instructions that have been provided to you. 

It is important to keep the hearing aids as dry as possible. This means storing them in a dry area, avoiding moisture, and protecting them from sweat or rain when possible.  

Finally, when you’re not wearing your hearing aids, it is important to store them in a safe place. This helps to prevent damage and helps to make sure you don’t lose them. 

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your hearing aids, it is important to seek help from an audiologist in Orléans. We can work with you to find the source of the problem and recommend strategies that will help you get the most out of your hearing aids. Contact Echo Audiology today to work towards attending your hearing potential and keep rediscovering your hearing!