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Echo Audiology Is Certified As A Person-Centered Care Clinic


Echo Audiology Is Designated As A Person-Centered Care Clinic

Echo Audiology has joined an international roster of hearing clinics that have received the Inspired by Ida status, a label endorsed by the Canadian Academy of Audiology. The clinic is in fact the 2nd in Canada to obtain this designation, which is given to hearing clinics whose staff members have completed courses in person-centered care, as well as signed the Inspired by Ida Code of Ethics.

The Ida Institute, a non-profit organization based in Denmark, developed this program to encourage Audiologists and hearing clinics to adopt a person-centered approach to hearing care.

Echo Audiology has always used a health-focused and patient-centered approach, so participating in the Ida Institute program was a natural step for our team.

Our Inspired status shows our commitment to providing the best hearing care possible by making our patients’ individual preferences and needs the focus of their appointments, along with providing emotional support and helping to manage ear and hearing related difficulties in their daily life.

Person-Centered Care Clinic
Canadian Academy of Audiology

We Are Very Proud Of Our Inspired Designation, Which Signals Our Dedication To Providing The Highest Standards Of Hearing Care.

Person-Centered Care Clinic
Canadian Academy of Audiology

We Are Very Proud Of Our Inspired Designation, Which Signals Our Dedication To Providing The Highest Standards Of Hearing Care.

We believe your choice of clinic has a great impact on your level of success.

Meet Your Audiologists & Their Team in Orléans  

Karine Bossé

Karine Bossé │ Owner & Head Audiologist

Born and raised in Orléans Ontario, Karine gained experience working in private audiology clinics in the Ottawa area, with most of those years spent in the Orléans community. When she was not practicing locally, Karine spent time working as a Managing Audiologist while living in New Zealand. Karine is best known for her relaxed approach, her ability to simplify and relay information and for her understanding towards her patients. Other traits her patients enjoy are her easy-going personality and ability to crack a quick smile.

  • 2008 – Bachelor’s Degree of Arts with Majors in Psychology and Linguistics (University of Ottawa)
  • 2010 – Master’s Degree of Health Sciences in Audiology (University of Ottawa)
  • 2010 – Recipient of Harmonize for Speech Professional Excellence in Clinic Award
  • 2010 – Canada National Exam (SAC)
  • 2016 – New Zealand National Exam (NZAS)
  • 2022 – Recipient of The 2022 Gem of Innes Award – Best Personal Service Business
  • 2022, 2023, 2024 – Recipient of The Ottawa Awards – Ottawa’s Best Hearing Specialist
  • 2024 – Tinnitus Research Initiative Conference
  • Proud member of CASLPO, SAC & CAA

One of the things I like most about my work is the moment of relief I see in new hearing aid wearers when they realize the effort required to hear has been alleviated. It’s as if all the stress they had walking into the clinic has been lifted. It really is a great moment for them, and a joy for me to witness!

– Karine Bossé, M.Sc.S., Aud (C), Reg. CASLPO

Caroline Séguin │ Clinical Audiologist

Born and raised in Wendover, Caroline gained experience working in a variety of clinical settings in Ottawa, Embrun and Hawkesbury areas since graduating in 2015. Caroline is passionate about the process of audiological rehabilitation and is known for her calm temperament, and for being attentive to her patients’ needs. In her spare time, Caroline enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors.

  • 2013 – Bachelor’s Degree of Arts with specialisation in Psychology (University of Ottawa)
  • 2015 – Master’s Degree of Health Sciences in Audiology (University of Ottawa)
  • 2017 – Audiologist Dominican Republic Mission (Friends for Life Foundation)
  • 2024 – Le trouble de traitement auditif: de l’évaluation à la réadaptation – In continuing education with the University of Montreal.
  • Proud member of CASLPO

Echo Audiology offers services that are fully based on patients needs, and this aligns well with my values. I am happy to join this wonderful team.

– Caroline Séguin

Sara Vujicic │ Clinical Audiologist

Born in Serbia and raised in Ottawa, Sara graduated from the Master of Health Sciences Audiology program at the University of Ottawa in 2023. Throughout her placements, including her externship at Echo Audiology, she felt that seeing the impact of acoustic rehabilitation on the Patient and their family members’ lives was the most rewarding part of the job. Always smiling, Patients will enjoy Sara’s passion for the field, her sense of humour and her dedication towards Patient-care.

  • 2019 – Bachelor’s Degree of Health Sciences  (University of Ottawa)
  • 2023 – Master’s Degree of Health Sciences in Audiology (University of Ottawa)
  • 2024 – Tinnitus Research Initiative Conference
  • Proud member of CASLPO & CAA

I have seen first-hand how the hearing health of patients hinges on much more than just a product, which is why I’m so excited to join a clinic and a team that believes in providing comprehensive, individualized, patient-centered care to each and every patient and their families!

– Sara Vujicic

Anne-Marie Tourville │ Clinic Assistant

Born and raised in New-Brunswick, Anne-Marie made her way to Ottawa in 2006 to attend the Dental Hygienist program at La Cité Collégiale.  After working in that field for a few years mainly in the Orléans area, her family moved to Hearst, where she spent her time raising her family, until moving back to Ottawa. Anne-Marie is passionate about medical sciences and loves connecting with people. Her calm demeaner and her compassion towards others are traits you can immediately feel while in her presence.

I am grateful to be part of this amazing team at Echo Audiology. I get to meet wonderful members of our community and I take great pride in providing them with a positive and happy experience.

– Anne-Marie Tourville

Valérie Douville│ Clinic Assistant

Born and raised in the small village of Bourget, Valérie soon moved to Ottawa, where she graduated in 2023 from the Graphic Design program at La Cité Collégiale with honours. Valérie strives to make others feel comfortable and loves to help wherever and whenever she can. Valerie is best described as passionate, empathetic and always strives to stay positive.

Despite being an artist at heart, I’ve always loved to help and support the people around me! I am thrilled to showcase my creativity and passion in order to provide support for both patients and staff in the future!

Valérie Douville

At Echo Audiology, we strive to

Offer an environment of support in regards to hearing concerns, hearing loss, hearing aids and hearing health

Provide audiology services and hearing related education to the Orléans area and surrounding suburbs

Provide counselling and amplification options, using the latest technological equipment

Be a clinic of choice for physicians, specialists and health professionals

Provide continued services to patients to ensure their hearing health is taken care of

Be a clinic of choice for our patients and their family & friends

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