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About Our Ottawa Hearing Clinic


At Echo Audiology, we strive to:

Offer an environment of support in regards to hearing concerns, hearing loss, hearing aids and hearing health

Provide counselling and amplification options, using the latest technological equipment

Provide continued services to patients to ensure their hearing health is taken care of

Provide audiology services and hearing related education to the Orléans area and surrounding suburbs

Be a clinic of choice for physicians, specialists and health professionals

Be a clinic of choice for our patients and their family & friends

Come in for a visit.
Let us take care of your hearing health!

At Echo Audiology, We Understand How Important Hearing Health is to Your Well-Being

Based on our clinical experience, we believe that your success is highly dependant on your choice of clinic, the services they provide; and even more so on your choice of Audiologist.

Hearing, hearing loss, hearing aids and the perception of your hearing are all things that can continuously change. For this reason, it is very important for you to have an ongoing relationship with your Audiologist. This way, your Audiologist can monitor your progress, troubleshoot your concerns and provide you with the most appropriate solutions and counselling.


  • Our staff is fully bilingual in French and English
  • We listen to your concerns and offer patient-centered care
  • You do not need a medical referral to see us, but we do accept them
  • We offer hearing assessments for all reasons, including medical
  • We appropriately refer to physicians and various health professionals, so we can provide you with a more holistic approach to your hearing health
  • We offer ongoing follow-up appointments to help maintain your hearing health
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment to obtain in-depth measurements of your hearing abilities and hearing aid performance
  • We use many counselling tools to help you better understand your results
  • All our services are also available for patients who have purchased their hearing aids elsewhere

At Echo Audiology, we take pride in providing you with a great experience. Contact us today! We are happy to help you in any way we can and start you on your journey to rediscovering your hearing.

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Medical Referrals Are Not Required to Schedule an Appointment.

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