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Can hearing aids cause itchy ears or discomfort?

Do you have itchy ears after your hearing aid fitting? Everyone’s ears are different. They are different in the shape and size, and they are different in their levels of sensitivity. When we first fit a patient with hearing aids, some people don’t notice them at all, while others may feel like there is something foreign in their ear. 

How can I relieve the itchy ears? 

The itchiness may be caused by the style of the hearing aid. If your hearing aid has a dome, this little umbrella can tickle your ear canal, which can cause that sensation of itchiness. In these cases, if the patient cannot get used to this, we sometimes change the style of dome entirely, adjust it with a retention cord to stop the hearing aid from moving as much, or completely change the tip of the hearing aid to a custom mould. 

On the other hand, another reason for itchiness could be due to a skin condition like eczema, that the hearing aid is now exacerbating. In these cases, we often recommend for our patients to check in with their family Physician to see if there is a lotion that they can apply on their ear canal. Remember, the ear canal is basically just another area covered with skin. In these cases, whatever lotion is appropriate usually works. If there are no skin conditions that the patient is aware of, they can also try Eargene. It is a product that most Audiology clinics carry, that helps to alleviate this sensation of itchiness. 

What can I do if my hearing aids hurt my ears? 

Hearing aids can also cause discomfort. Like the itchiness, we can adjust the tip of the hearing aid to see what works best for our patient. 

If the custom portion of the hearing aid is causing pain, it is usually because it is causing a pressure point. Most Audiology clinics are equipped with grinding and buffing equipment, so they can modify the mold themselves to make it more comfortable. In other cases, we may need to make a new impression entirely and have the Hearing Aid Manufacturer remake a new mold. 

Regardless of the issue, whether your ear itches, has pain or discomfort, there is always something that can be tried to resolve the issue. Your best step is to call your local Audiologist in Orleans and serving Ottawa and find out how they can offer a helping hand.