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Tinnitus is More Common than People Think

Research shows that 15-20% of the general population have experienced tinnitus. It is even the 1st reported symptom by Veterans, behind hearing loss and post-traumatic stress. It is also often a symptom of hearing loss. In fact, evidence shows that 80% of tinnitus patients have some hearing loss, and more than 70% of patients with hearing loss also have tinnitus. Tinnitus also typically increases as the hearing loss worsens.

Only About 10-25% of People with Tinnitus Seek Help

Some people live well with tinnitus and some don’t. That said, we recommend for everyone who suffers from tinnitus to get a hearing test done as in some cases, further medical investigation is recommended.

Our tinnitus consultation includes further investigation into the perception of your tinnitus, a complete hearing assessment, as well as in-depth counselling of the new findings on tinnitus and solutions to manage it. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to book your tinnitus consultation.

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