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    Welcome To Your Bilingual Hearing & Audiology Clinic In Orléans

    Echo Audiology is your locally owned and operated bilingual hearing clinic in Orléans dedicated to providing you with patient-focused healthcare for all of your ear and hearing needs. Once we have discussed your concerns with you, we work with advanced technological tools that help us assess your hearing with high accuracy, so we can plan treatment or recommend the best solutions to maximize your hearing potential. We pride ourselves in great ongoing clinical service and are always ready to answer any questions you may have about your hearing health. Medical referrals are not required to schedule an appointment.

    Echo Audiology Is The 2nd Clinic In Canada To Be Designated As A Person-Centered Care Clinic By The Ida Institute

    CASLPO Registered Audiologists

    CASLPO Registered Audiologists

    Nationally Certified Head Audiologist

    Nationally Certified Head Audiologist

    Designated Person-Centered Care Clinic

    Designated Person-Centered Care Clinic

    Hearing & Audiology Clinic in Ottawa

    Your Orléans
    Audiology Clinic Is
    Here To Help

    Our Services

    Hearing Tests & Assessments For Children

    Hearing Tests & Assessments for Children

    Testing available for children from 6 months to 17 years old for a variety of reasons: speech & language delay, behaviour & development concerns, history of ear infections and hearing difficulties.

    Hearing Tests & Assessments For Adults

    Hearing Tests & Assessments for Adults

    Comprehensive hearing assessments for a variety of reasons: employment, medical, hearing difficulties & hearing loss, as well as funding applications for hearing aids.

    Hearing Aids & Related Services

    Hearing Aids & Related Services

    Prescribing, fitting, programming, adjusting, repairing and cleaning. Ongoing services available for new Patients and for those who already have hearing aids. Registered with all Government Funding Programs. Payment Plans available. 75-day Trial Period.

    Tinnitus Consultations & Counselling

    Tinnitus Consultations & Counselling

    Ringing in your ears? We can help you demystify and manage your tinnitus.

    Cerumen Consultation & Wax Removal

    Cerumen Consultation & Wax Removal 

    Feeling pressure, blockage or fullness in your ears? This Consultation will help determine if the hearing system is involved or not. Appointments available for Adults only 

    Earmoulds & Hearing Protection

    Earmoulds & Hearing Protection

    Custom moulds for hearing aids, noise, swimming, music, sleeping, communication, etc.

    5 Easy Steps To Rediscover Your Hearing!

    Start with a Hearing Test


    Start with a
    Hearing Test

    Select Your Hearing Aids


    Select Your
    Hearing Aids

    Select Your Payment Option


    Select Your
    Payment Option

    Try Your Hearing Aids For 75 Days


    Try Your Hearing Aids For 75 Days

    Benefit From Our Ongoing Clinical Services


    Benefit From Our
    Ongoing Clinical Services

    Looking For A 2nd Opinion? We Offer 2nd Opinion Consultations For Hearing Aids, For Tinnitus And For Any Ear Or Hearing Related Concerns.

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