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Is It OK to Sleep with Your Hearing Aids In?

Is It OK to Sleep with Your Hearing Aids In?

The short answer to the question is no. Yes, it’s true that now that you have your new hearing aids, you have more confidence and freedom. They make it safer to drive and go places, because you can hear sirens and other noises as a warning.

Many individuals may long for that feeling of security while they sleep and want to wear them at night. But you should not sleep with your hearing aids. Audiologists with our hearing clinic in Ottawa want you to know why.  

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep with Your Hearing Aids 

  • You need to take your hearing aids out daily to let your ear breathe and the ear wax naturally migrates out of your ear. Hearing aids are made of non-breathable material.  
  • Your hearing aids also need some breathing time to help dry them out, as humidity from your ear will eventually break them down. Letting them dry is part of a good maintenance routine for your hearing aids to keep them working well. Some hearing aids need to recharge, too.  
  • Hearing aids are not comfortable to sleep in. The materials can be hard and press into the skin of your ear, which can disrupt your sleep.  
  • The microphone of the hearing aids can rub against the pillow, creating scratchy microphone sounds or creating a feedback loop. Again, this may bother both you and your partner and have an impact on your quality of sleep.  

You’ll wake up more refreshed and ready to put your hearing aids in when you take them out at night. If you’re concerned about safety, there are visual and vibrating alarms that exist for people with significant hearing loss.  

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