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What Do the Buttons on My Hearing Aids Do?

What Do the Buttons on My Hearing Aids Do?

Modern hearing aids are designed to seamlessly blend into your lifestyle, adapting naturally and automatically to your different hearing environments with ease. Your hearing aids should adjust themselves to noisier or quieter situations, and all hearing aids have features that help do this. However, you sometimes may need to make additional adjustments, such as changing the volume or the programs on the hearing aids, which can be done through the buttons on the device, or sometimes through external accessories or an app on your smartphone. The Audiologist at your hearing clinic in Ottawa will teach you how to use your new hearing aids and accessories to get the most out of them.  

Hearing Aid Apps and Devices  

Technology has advanced hearing aids in Ottawa to make them more effective for the users. As hearing aids got smaller, the buttons on the hearing aids also got smaller, or sometimes have even been removed.  Today, most hearing aids can be adjusted through an app on your smartphone or with other wireless accessories that gives users more control over their hearing aids and offer a better hearing experience.

Even for those with poor dexterity or vision problems, you can make discrete adjustments to your hearing aid quickly and easily through a device rather than trying to manipulate small buttons. You will have more control over using your hearing aids and accessories, making your hearing experience better whether you’re on the phone, in a crowded room, or while watching television.  

Hearing Aids That Fit Your Lifestyle  

Hearing clinics in Orléans are here to help you find hearing aids that suit your needs. Our Audiologists would love to share the newest technologies with you so they can help give you back your hearing.  

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