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Getting Hearing Aids Can be a Stress-free,
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“Being a witness to the tangible moment of relief people feel when they can hear better and don’t have to use so much energy to do so, is a real joy! It is always so fun for me to experience it with my Patients and it reminds me every time how awesome my job is.”

Karine Bossé, Ms.Sc., Aud (C) Reg CASLPO
Owner & Head Audiologist

At Echo Audiology, we believe that transparent information, education, counselling and the clinical skills of your Audiologist and their team are key elements to your success with your hearing solution
Not sure where to start? Let us guide you.

Follow These 5 Easy Steps to Rediscover Your Hearing!

Start with a Hearing Test

A thorough hearing assessment is first required to determine if you are a candidate for hearing aids, if they are the right solution for you, and if there are any medical concerns to manage before going ahead with any acoustic rehabilitation options.

Select Your Hearing Aids

At Echo Audiology, we have access to high quality hearing aids from all mainstream manufacturers. We have experience working with all of these companies and can help you select hearing aids that are best suited for you based on your hearing difficulties, your needs, your lifestyle, your budget and your preferences.

There are also other factors that Audiologists consider when helping you select hearing aids, such as the type, degree and shape of your hearing loss, your speech clarity comprehension level, your ability to process sounds, as well as the shape of your ear and size of your ear canal.

The good news? We have access to all levels of technology and all styles and sizes of hearing aids. We also have access to hearing aids that are rechargeable, Bluetooth compatible, can be adjusted remotely or through a Phone Application, as well as hearing aids that are compatible to help manage tinnitus.  

Select Your Payment Option

When you purchase your hearing aids privately, the services associated to your hearing aids are included in the cost. Why?

Ongoing clinical services are included because your hearing and functioning of your hearing aids can change over time. Whatever your needs, or how many times you need help, having access to ongoing services means that you can call us without hesitation, and without paying per visit. Historically and clinically speaking, Patients are more successful in their acoustic rehabilitation when they have access to these kinds of ongoing services.

Choosing a clinic where you will receive quality services is very important in your decision to invest in hearing aids and in your hearing health.

At Echo Audiology, we offer different payment options for our Patients. We offer 3 different ways to invest in your hearing health:

Full Payment Upfront

This is the traditional way of how people have gotten hearing aids for years. You simply purchase your hearing aids and associated services at the programming appointment. The $500 per ear ADP Grant from the Ontario Government is available to use if you are eligible. Wax Removal Services are included with this purchase option at our clinic.

Costs may range between  $1500 to $3500 per ear.*

Monthly Payments with Loan

You purchase your hearing aids and services with the help of a loan. 0% interest options are available. Eligibility is determined by the Loan company based on your credit history. The $500 per ear ADP Grant from the Ontario Government is also available to use with this option if you are eligible.

Costs may range between $60 to $110 per month, per ear, based on a 36 month term.*

Monthly Payments with Credit Card

This option is like a subscription. There are no applications required – only a one-time $125 fee to enter the program. Your fixed monthly payments then cover your hearing aids and associated clinical services for 3 years. At the end of the contract, trade in your hearing aids and get new technology!

Costs may range between $69 to $109 per month, per ear, for 3 years. *

*Pricing are approximate and partly based on choice of hearing aids. The programs are subject to change pending on various industry variables (ex: hearing aid style required, manufacturer chosen, programs themselves, etc)

Getting Your Hearing Aids Through a 3rd Party Funder

We can help! Echo Audiology is registered with all government programs that offer funding for hearing aids, such as VAC, RCMP, WSIB, ODSP, IFHP, NIHB and CNESST.

Once you qualify, we simply select hearing aids that are most appropriate for you based on your needs and based on the lists of products that have already been approved by these individual programs.  Most programs cover the cost of your hearing aids, as well as the associated ongoing clinical services you will require such as hearing tests as well as cleaning, verification, reprogramming and ongoing maintenance of your hearing aids.

Want to Learn More About Your Options?

Try Your Hearing Aids for 75 Days

Once we select the appropriate hearing aids with you and program them for you, you then benefit from a 75-day trial period. For most Patients, this is more than enough time to make sure everything is working properly, and you are benefiting from your hearing aids in your daily life.

Our goal is to make sure that our Patients feel comfortable in their rehabilitation solution. This trial period helps to ensure that we address any issues or questions you may have before deciding to keep your hearing aids.

Benefit From Our Ongoing Clinical Services

Once you decide to keep your hearing aids, you then benefit from our ongoing services! These services are essential to ensure the proper functioning of your hearing aids, as well as to ensure that you are hearing at your full acoustic potential based on your hearing loss. Some clinical services required include reprogramming, verifying, troubleshooting, cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids, as well as ongoing hearing assessments as needed.

This is why one of our main focus at Echo Audiology is the quality of the ongoing services that accompany the purchase of your hearing aids. Whatever you need for your hearing aids or your hearing, we are always ready to help

Thinking Of Getting Hearing Aids?

Need Help with Your Current Hearing Aids?

Hearing Aid Female 1

You purchased hearing aids at another clinic and are now looking for a change in your clinical services?

We offer a 2nd Opinion Consultation with our Audiologist to assess your hearing, verify your current hearing aids, and make appropriate adjustments and recommendations based on your needs or reported problems.

Happy with your first appointment with us? We also offer ways for you to benefit from our ongoing services for the leftover lifespan of your hearing aids.

Hearing Aids for Children

Your child needs hearing aids? We can help! In Ottawa, children who require hearing aids are typically seen at the Audiology Department of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). Once the Audiologist provides a prescription for hearing aids, Families are then recommended to find a private clinic in the area who dispenses hearing aids.

Typically, the ongoing clinical services such as hearing tests, programming and verifications of the hearing aids are still done through the CHEO Audiology Department and are therefore covered under OHIP. Taking care of the repairs and maintenance of the hearing aids is done at our Clinic as it is included in your initial purchase with us. (Note: this is subject to change based on services available at CHEO and industry protocols or changes)

Community Partnerships

We have built relationships with organizations who, in their own way, contribute to the overall health and well-being of their members. If you are a member of these organizations, let us know and get 10% off the cost of your hearing aids!
* Some conditions may apply


If you are part of an organization that is not listed above but that offer discounts on hearing aids at clinics in the city, feel free to contact us to further discuss. We sometimes have options they may benefit you more than the listed offer..

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