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What Are the 4 Main Price Bands for Hearing Aids in Ottawa?

Price Bands for Hearing Aids in Ottawa?

While the average cost of a hearing aid can range from about $1000 – $4000, it can last several years and be paid for in monthly installments. What’s more, the purchase of your hearing aid typically includes the clinical services that are required to increase your chances at success with your acoustic rehabilitation. These services typically include ongoing hearing assessments, fitting and programming of the hearing aids, as well as verification, adjustments, cleaning, repairs and follow up appointments.  Bundling these services is common practice in Audiology, and is specifically designed to ensure your hearing aids are working at their full potential, and customized to fit your hearing needs and preferences.

A Hearing Aid Price Comparison

In Canada, hearing aids are priced according to the level of the technology, in addition to the cost of your clinical services. Good news? Features like rechargeability, Bluetooth connection or Phone streaming do not increase your cost. These features can actually be found in all levels of technology. The total cost also encompasses the average lifetime of your hearing aid which is around 5 years. The Hearing aid prices in Ottawa typically fall under the following 4 main price bands:

  • Essential: Hearing aids offered at the essential price band are the cheapest. They include a basic number of features and allow you to hear mainly in quiet environments. At this level, each hearing aid comes in at an average cost of approximately $1500 – $2000.
  • Basic: A basic level hearing aid includes a few more enhanced features and capabilities than those at the essential level. Basic hearing aids are still mainly suited for hearing in quiet listening environments. Prices in this level can range from approximately $2000-$2500.
  • Mid-Range: A mid-range hearing aid is a common choice for people with a hearing impairment. They are meant to provide a good sound quality combined with a low listening effort for most environments. Mid-range hearing aids can cost between approximately $3000-$3500.
  • High-End: For premium level hearing, consider a high-end hearing aid. Its features provide the most natural sound quality with the most effortless hearing in all environments, including active or noisy ones. Prices for hearing aids in this level can range from approximately $3500-$4000.

No matter what type of hearing aid you choose, they are all designed to help you hear better. At Echo Audiology, our highly trained and experienced Audiologists can help you find the right hearing aid that is suitable to your budget and lifestyle. We offer flexible monthly payment options and various discounts, which are available through our Community Partnerships.

To learn more about our hearing aid products and services, including more information about how you can get funding, give us a call at 613-841-3033 or fill out our online contact form and we will be happy to help you.