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How to Live with Tinnitus

Living with tinnitus? It is important to educate yourself about this symptom and understand what is available to help you manage it well; whether you need to start using environmental tinnitus masking strategies, relaxation strategies, or hearing aids suited for tinnitus.

Consult an Audiologist to determine the root cause of your tinnitus and get access to modern Audiology tools that may help manage your tinnitus. The right analysis and counselling will also help identify and manage any underlying health issues that may have triggered your tinnitus.


Tips on living with Tinnitus | Echo Audiology


How do you sleep with Tinnitus?

Strategies for sleeping with tinnitus involve distracting your brain from listening to the noise in your ears, to help enhance the quality of your sleep. You can achieve that through:

  • relaxation exercises,
  • mental training,
  • sound therapy
  • having a fan, music or television playing in the background
  • addition of white noise makers in your room,
  • and restricted intake of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.


Does Tinnitus worsen with age?

Tinnitus may occur due to age-related hearing loss and can worsen with age. However, if you are experiencing tinnitus due to any other underlying health conditions, it may improve with treatment.

If you are suffering from tinnitus, seek timely intervention through your health care providers. With the appropriate Audiology tools and solutions, you may be able to passively distract your brain from listening to your tinnitus, and possibly provide a substantial relief from it.

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