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My Experience Fitting Hearing Aids at Echo Audiology

My Experience Fitting Hearing Aids at Echo Audiology

Getting Hearing Aids Should Be Fun! 

When you come in for your hearing aid fitting, you should plan to spend between 60 and 90 minutes with your Echo Audiology clinician. We will start by examining your ears to ensure that it’s safe to insert the devices. We use your ear measurements to position the hearing aids appropriately in the ear canal.  

Next, we will give you an idea of what to expect regarding the difference in sound while wearing your hearing aids. Here are the five parts of a hearing aid fitting: 

1. Assessing the hearing aid fit 

2. Programming the hearing aid settings 

3. Testing & verification for accuracy 

4. Adjusting your settings based on your hearing, but also your comfort level 

5. Learning about your hearing aid and what to expect from them 

Most hearing aid fittings are a positive experience for both the clinician and patient. As we say, “getting a hearing aid should be fun!” 

Hearing Aid Fitting from a Clinician’s Point of View 

Showing our patients the difference before and after getting a hearing aid is an exciting part of the job for our Audiologists in Orleans. Typical reactions include: 

  • Gratitude for the ability to communicate more effectively.  
  • Amazement that they can hear voices or background noise more clearly.  
  • Shock at the difference in their hearing ability. 
  • Curiosity about how the hearing aids work.  
  • Desire to learn how to adjust their hearing aids for a great fit and sound clarity. 

“As a health professional, it is so rewarding to feel like you can help people and make a real difference in their life. We have hearing aid patients of all ages at Echo Audiology — from pediatric patients to seniors — but most of them range between 40-75 years old,” says one of our experienced Audiologists.  

At Echo Audiology, our Orleans Audiologists take extra time to ensure all patients understand their devices and feel comfortable wearing them. There is no better way to end an appointment than to hear your Patient say: “that was fun!”  

Want to know more about what to expect during a fitting for hearing aids in Orleans? Call Echo Audiology at 613-841-3033 to set up an appointment or contact us online.