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Getting Hearing Aids Is Not Like Getting Glasses

Getting Hearing Aids Is Not Like Getting Glasses

With the Proper Fit and Adjustments, Hearing Aids Can Vastly Improve Hearing 

When you first get hearing aids in Ottawa, you may feel excited to finally hear everything you’ve been missing. If you wear glasses, you know how easy it is to simply slip them on in the morning or when you need help reading. They require little care besides occasional cleaning and proper storage to avoid scratches. With hearing aids, you may sometimes need to get them adjusted or reprogrammed, especially if your hearing changes, to make sure you are benefiting from them as much as possible. 

Compare Hearing Aids to Glasses 

The Audiologists at Echo Audiology have put together the following points to consider when comparing hearing aids to glasses: 

  • Hearing aids typically won’t fully restore your hearing loss. With the right glasses, many people can achieve 20/20 vision. Hearing aids in Orleans can restore clarity and help you perceive sound at a higher level. 
  • Hearing aids require adjustments. There are no knobs to twist to get a better picture when you’re wearing glasses. However, hearing aids may need adjustment depending on your hearing loss, and sometimes, the environment you find yourself in. For example, when you’re in a restaurant, you may want to make the necessary adjustments to hear the waitperson and your dining companions a little better.  
  • Don’t get your hearing aids wet! If you drop your glasses in the pool or a water puddle, you can simply wash them off and put them back on your nose. However, hearing aids have complex electrical parts that are sensitive to water damage, just like a computer.  
  • So far, your eyeglasses don’t require batteries. In some space age future, glasses may link directly to the optic nerve or brain and require batteries or electronics! However, that future’s a long way off. Because of the way hearing aids work, they require power in the form of batteries, whether regular or rechargeable, in order to operate properly. 

Although hearing aids may not be as easy to use as glasses, they can improve your hearing with the proper adjustments. Your Audiologist in Orleans will ensure that you have the proper fit for your ears for more comfortable daily wear. 

Once you understand that getting hearing aids is not quite like getting glasses, it’s easier to adjust to the extra care needed to protect your hearing aids and to adjust to them. Contact Echo Audiology in Orleans at 613-841-3033 to set up an appointment today.