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How Does Hearing Loss Impact Relationships?

Can hearing loss really affect relationships? 

Certainly, hearing loss can have a substantial impact on relationships, and it’s a common challenge faced by many couples. In fact, a 2009 British study discovered that 44% of individuals with hearing loss reported experiencing difficulties in their relationships. 

What is the “Selective Hearing Gambit”? 

The selective hearing gambit is a familiar scenario for anyone with a partner or parents, especially when it comes to assigning chores or seeking assistance. You make a request, only to be met with a response like “I didn’t hear you.” It often leads to frustration and arguments. Hearing loss can indeed contribute to this behavior, and the reluctance to address it may stem from the societal stigma associated with aging. Opting for a couples’ hearing test can be a game-changer, helping you avoid unnecessary conflicts. 

The “Television Wars” situation 

Imagine one partner experiencing hearing loss while the other’s hearing remains unaffected. Watching TV becomes a constant battle over volume settings. Dialogues are too soft, but action scenes sound like explosions! If the repeated requests to lower the volume are putting a damper on your movie nights, consider seeking a couples’ hearing test at Echo Audiology. It could be the solution to peaceful co-viewing! 

How can a couples’ hearing test benefit you? 

While we’ve had a bit of fun describing the challenges associated with hearing loss in relationships, let’s talk about the remedy. A couples’ hearing test provides an excellent opportunity for both you and your partner to rebuild your communication skills. It’s all about cherishing the moments you’ve worked so hard for together without the frustration. The team of Audiologists at Echo Audiology in Orleans believe in the power of testing together to strengthen your bond and keep your relationship harmonious.