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Hearing Protection is Important to Safeguard your Hearing Health

Hearing Protection is Important

Insights and Tips by Audiologists in Ottawa

Any unwanted sound that becomes too loud is the type of noise that most of us try to avoid, wherever possible. Certain loud activities involve exposure only for short periods, like using a blender or hair dyer, travelling through busy city traffic, working with power tools in the garage or using lawn equipment in the yard. However, if some of these activities are part of your profession (such as bakers, hairdressers, renovation contractors and landscapers), the increased exposure to high decibel levels over long periods may put you at higher risk for hearing related problems.

The experienced and qualified Audiologists at Echo Audiology discuss the top reasons why you should protect your ears.

Why Minimize Exposure to Loud Noises

While age and various medication conditions may impact your hearing over time, many of us develop hearing problems simply because we do not take adequate precautions to protect our hearing from extended periods of loud noise. Noise-induced hearing loss, whether temporary or permanent, is in fact the one type of loss that is entirely preventable. It is also dependant on not only how loud the noise source is, but also for how long you are exposed to it.

Why Minimize Exposure to Loud Noises

Here are some reasons to protect your hearing:

  • Hearing is Fragile: Our inner ear is a highly complex system that allows us to experience sound and comprehend speech. However, it is also an extremely delicate and fragile system, prone to damage unless you take the necessary care. A decline in hearing quality will not only add to stress and listening fatigue, but also impact the overall quality of your life.
  • Tinnitus (ringing in your ears): A constant buzz or ringing in the ears, tinnitus can impact one or both ears. This perception of sound is often a symptom of hearing damage and can be temporary or permanent. Tinnitus after constant exposure to loud noises can become permanent and have an impact on your stress levels, your sleep quality, and make simple day-to-day tasks more difficult to accomplish.
  • Reversing Hearing Impairment is Almost Impossible: There are parts of the ear that when damaged, can be repaired either with time, or through surgery. When hearing loss is permanent, like when it is caused by noise exposure, the principal way to then improved your hearing is through the use of hearing aids, you to manage your hearing loss better.

Whenever you are exposed to high levels of noise for an extended period of time, it is important to wear hearing protection like earmuffs or ear plugs. Whether you are exposed to noise due to your work or some hobbies of yours like motorcycling, playing music or hunting, it is also important to allow your ears some time to recover between these noisy activities.

Explore Comprehensive Hearing Health Solutions from Your Trusted Audiologists in Ottawa

At Echo Audiology, we provide specialized counselling and education to help you protect your ears and prevent hearing damage, including custom earmould protection products for noise, sleep, musicians and various social events like concerts. Our team of Audiologists also offers comprehensive hearing health services, including hearing tests and hearing aid solutions in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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