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What are Common Misconceptions or Myths about Tinnitus

Tinnitus is something that is not often discussed, and thus, this unfortunately leads to many common misconceptions about tinnitus.


In our experience, about 75% of our patients with tinnitus only started reporting it and talking about it because of friend of theirs brought it up one day, and they realized they weren’t the only one experiencing this. The sad part is, about 80% of our patients with hearing loss also report tinnitus, so it is in fact a lot more common than people think. Read on to discover common misconceptions about tinnitus!


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Another common misconception about tinnitus is that it only happens to people who are older in age, when in fact, tinnitus can be perceived by people of all ages. Often times these are people who have been exposed to loud noises like musicians. Hearing loss and tinnitus due to noise exposure is the only cause of tinnitus that can be prevented, so it is important to protect your hearing, even when you are younger.


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A final misconception about tinnitus is that nothing can be done about it, when in fact, you should be investigating its cause to help figure out what can be done to manage it. Too often we hear patients saying that their Physicians have told them that they just need to learn to cope with tinnitus and that nothing can be done to help it out. However, this is simply false.


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The first step is to figure out why you have tinnitus in the first place, which will then help determine what rehabilitation solution is available to you to help treat or manage it better.