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Understanding the Degrees of Hearing Loss

Have you ever had a hearing test? If so, you might have been told about your degree of hearing loss. Just like Optometrists quantify your vision loss with a number, Audiologists use degrees to quantify your hearing loss. Question is, have you been told how it translates to your everyday life?   Here is a

3 Neat Hearing Facts you May Not Have Heard Before

Until there is an infection or noticeable hearing loss, you likely don’t pay much attention to your ears and how they function. In fact, in many cases, hearing loss becomes significant before most people schedule a hearing test and learn how hearing aids can improve their quality of life. In an effort to help you

Hearing Aids and How They Work.

Are you hearing what people are saying to you? Do you feel left out of the conversation? Solutions are available and in this blog post we briefly describe hearing aids and how they work. The Audiologist and staff at Echo Audiology understand and can help you. Hearing loss requires professional attention. The Audiologist at Echo

Typical Signs of Hearing Loss

Do you think you have hearing loss? Are you experiencing some hearing difficulties and think you might need a hearing test? Here are 10 typical signs of hearing loss for you to consider:  Feeling like people mumble Increasing the volume of the television/radio Difficulty hearing on the telephone Difficulty following conversations with two or more

Sudden Onset Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can occur gradually or with sudden onset. At Echo Audiology, your Orléans hearing clinic, we take your hearing seriously. Sudden Onset Hearing Loss may be mistaken for something else. If you suspect Sudden Onset Hearing Loss, contact Echo Audiology, your Orléans hearing clinic, immediately to schedule a priority assessment appointment. A Sudden Onset

Learn the 3 Types of Hearing Loss and How You Can Address It

Hearing Loss Hearing loss typically produces a decrease in the perception and understanding of sound, particularly under challenging listening conditions such as background noise. The perception of both simple and complex sounds (ie: speech and music) is usually affected. Hearing loss may also be associated with different types of health problems. Essentially, there are 3

Understanding the Role of an Audiologist – Why is your Hearing So Important!

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Audiology is a health science and a rehabilitative health care profession. Audiologists study similar University Programs as other professionals we know such as Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists. However, their day to day tasks are more like those of an Optometrist. Audiologists evaluate everything related to your ear and your hearing. They gather information, take