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Bilingual and Patient-Focused

At Echo Audiology, we provide services in English and in French; from our staff, to our documentation, to the assessments and to the counselling. We also take pride in allowing the necessary amount of time during our appointments to be able gather enough information and to offer proper counselling to our patients and address their concerns.

Echo Audiology is owned by a Registered Audiologist

This means that the Owner and Audiologist in this clinic is registered under CASLPO (College of Audiologists & Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario), which is an association that regulates its professionals and their activities in the interest of the public. Registered Audiologist are meant to provide quality professional and ethical care, as well as follow strict guidelines in regard to standards of care and accountability. By working with Echo Audiology, you are choosing an experienced health care provider that has your best interest at heart.

To learn more about the difference between a Hearing Instrument Specialist and a Registered Audiologist, please follow this link:


Hearing Tests for Children

We are one of the only private clinics in Ottawa to offer hearing tests for young children (age 6 months and up).

Medical Approach for Hearing Loss & Tinnitus Consultations

Did you know that our Audiologist Karine Bossé has a lot of experience testing for an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist? She also uses a holistic approach so that she can help identify if your symptoms seem related to your hearing system or not. This knowledge allows her to guide you in the right direction, or to other Health Professionals who may be able to help you as well.

Aging-Well Hearing Program (Hearing Screenings 50+)

We screen hearing at birth, for school, for employment, … and then seem to forget about it. Hearing is just as important with age! If you are an adult over 50 and have never done a hearing assessment, this is for you! Take a quick 15 minutes to see if you require a more thorough hearing assessment.

Free 2nd Opinion Appointment

We pride ourselves on transparent information. If you are feeling unsure about the information you received at your Audiology Appointment or are unhappy with your current hearing aids or services; we are happy to see you for a free Consultation to see how we can best help you.


Video Appointments, Remote Adjustments
& At-Home Appointments

In line with wanting to offer more accessible Audiology services to the community, we are expanding our reach by offering some of our appointments by Video Appointment and by At-Home Appointments. (*Remote Adjustments coming soon).

Book an Appointment for 2

Nervous about coming in for a hearing test? Bring a friend, spouse or family member! We are happy to see you both for a hearing test each, and a discussion of your results. Bringing a support system with you may make this experience more fun and stress-free.


75-Day Trial Period & Payment Plans Available, including Hearing Aid Rental

We offer various ways of getting hearing aids, from the traditional method, to payment plans or through the Hearing Aid Rental Program.  Whatever your budget, we have a solution available for you. We even have various partnerships within the community which may help you with your purchase.

Hearing Loss Simulator & Amplification Simulator

Being able to hear how your partner or family member hears through their hearing loss can sometimes be eye opening. Our hearing loss simulator allows us to give you that experience. We also have an amplification simulator that allows our patient with hearing loss to instantly have an idea of how it feels to hear better.

Benefit from more Healthcare Professionals in one location

Did you know that at 373 Vantage Drive, you can find Echo Audiology, Key to Speech and NewU Physio all under one roof? Having an Audiologist, Speech-Language Pathologist & Physiotherapist working next door to each other has already proven to be very beneficial for our patients. Check them out below!

Find a team of bilingual (French and English) Speech-Language Pathologists who offer assessments and interventions for adults and children with a variety of communication needs.

Find a team of friendly Speech-Language Pathologists who offer services to Adults and Children; as well as in French, English & Spanish.

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CASLPO Registered Audiologist

Nationally Certified Audiologist

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