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Video Appointments & Remote Adjustments

These types of appointments are great for people who don’t always have the time or the means to make it to the clinic, whether they are travelling, living in remote areas, or who are simply keen on this type of appointment.

Video Appointments

Video Appointments can be helpful so that you don’t always have to make your way to the clinic. They can typically be used for counselling information, to help you troubleshoot an issue, to have a discussion about products or to have an initial meeting with our Audiologist. You can even book this type of appointment for a 2nd opinion.

Whatever the reason, if you are looking to book a Video Appointment, please contact us so our team can determine or if we can schedule a Video-Call with the Audiologist.  

Remote Adjustments 

Remote adjustments is a new way for Audiologists to be able to help you from a distance. This is a new technology that is being offered through specific manufacturers of hearing aids. This type of appointment is best suited for someone who has already been in our clinic, and who requires a simple change in their settings of their hearing aids.  

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