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One of our missions at Echo Audiology is to make investing in your hearing health more accessible. For that reason, we offer 3 payment options that can suit everyone’s needs.


You purchase your solution outright. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, debit & cash. We also accept email transfer (if it is completed before the time of the appointment).


You purchase your solution with the help of a loan, which allows you to make monthly payments. This option requires a credit check through the loan company we are partners with. Finding out if you qualify takes minutes and we can help you through the application process in clinic. Some options are available to you at 0% interest.


This is a new way of investing in your hearing. You make fixed monthly payments for 3 years, on your credit card. It is a worry-free option for 3 years, after which you upgrade to the newest technology. This allows an easier transition for your brain from one technology to the next. The previous hearing aids are then refurbished and redistributed to third-world organizations. There are 3 options available that match a technology level, depending on your hearing needs:

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*Rechargeable options also available in the Renting option for an extra cost.

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