At-Home Hearing Appointment

Looking for a way to bring Audiology services to you? We found a way!

One of the biggest hurdles in being able to offer At-Home Appointments in Audiology is the fact that when we perform a hearing test outside a soundproof booth, the measurements may not be as precise. That said, we found a way to provide At-Home Services without compromising the precision of measurements and quality of our services. 

Here is how the program works:

1st appointment:  Hearing Evaluation and Discussion of Rehabilitation Options

This appointment needs to be in clinic, so that we are able to measure your hearing ability. Starting with precise measurements of your hearing will allow for better success with your acoustic rehabilitation.

We recommend coming in with a family member or decision maker, so that you can get all the necessary information during that one appointment, to limit the times you may need to come into the clinic.  This will also allow us to make all measurements necessary so that we can follow-up with an appointment at your home.  

Reminder: Our soundproof booth is big enough to accommodate wheelchairs.

2nd appointment: Fitting of Hearing Aids

We can have this appointment in the clinic or at your home. We recommend a family member, friend or caregiver be with you at this appointment as there is a lot of information communicated during this visit. Two heads are always better than one, especially if you are new to hearing aids.

All other appointments that do not require a hearing test can be done in your home or in the clinic. It will be up to you to decide.

Once you are fitted with hearing aids, we can also have Video Appointments if ever you have any questions that require us to have a look at the hearing aid. That way we can help you troubleshoot if there is a problem that needs to be fixed in clinic or if we can come to you to fix it. We can also make sure to select devices that allow us to do Remote Adjustments in the future as well, so this can help limit your number of visits outside of your home.

At-Home Appointments are currently offered to the communities of Orléans, Cumberland, Navan, Rockland, Vars, Sarsfield, Hammond, Bourget, Clarence Creek, Embrun, Limoges & Greely. If you live outside of these communities and would like At-Home Appointments, please contact us to inquire.

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