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Hearing Tests for Adults & Children

For your Echo Audiology team to help you rediscover your hearing and start you on a personalized plan, we must first evaluate the cause and degree of your hearing difficulties. We offer comprehensive hearing tests for adults and children at our Orléans clinic using the latest technology, so we can be as accurate as possible. Combined with a personal interview so we understand your concerns, and a physical exam of your ears, your hearing test gives us the information required to develop a sound plan to improve your hearing health.

How we use Hearing Tests and Technology to Improve your Hearing Health

Although we use the latest technology to perform your hearing test, we don’t stop there. The way the new technology is designed, it allows us to use it as a tool, so we can help you understand what is going on with your hearing and how the solutions we recommend are going to help. Since we will have a baseline established from your first hearing test, we can compare your results to make sure things are going well once your plan is implemented. The latest technology will not only improve your hearing health, but will help us deliver on our promise to provide you with patient-centered care that is designed to work for YOU.  Stop in to the clinic to learn more or contact us now to book your hearing test for adults & children in Orléans.

Audiology & Hearing Tests for Adults and Children in Orléans Ontario
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