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Hearing Aids and How They Work.

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Are you hearing what people are saying to you? Do you feel left out of the conversation? Solutions are available and in this blog post we briefly describe hearing aids and how they work.

The Audiologist and staff at Echo Audiology understand and can help you.

Hearing loss requires professional attention. The Audiologist at Echo Audiology can fit you properly with a hearing aid, if needed, so you can get back to being part of the conversation!

Hearing aids

A hearing aid is a medical device that is designed to amplify sounds. It is made up of parts that are selected to fit your ear properly, which sometimes includes a custom mould. The appropriate hearing aids are usually selected based on a few things: degree of hearing loss, level of speech clarity, shape of the ear and what the patient prefers. There are various reasons for and against fitting specific styles of hearing aids depending on many factors, which need to be discussed with your treating hearing professional.

How They Work 

Hearing aids are highly sophisticated devices. They are essentially engineered to “replace” how your hearing system works, which is extremely complex. They also need to be programmed by a qualified professional, to ensure that they provide the most optimal hearing possible.

Generally speaking though, in all hearing aids, we will find a microphone that captures sounds from the environment. The microphone is typically located in the outer shell. Inside this shell, you can find the circuit, which is tasked to analyze the signals that are introduced through the microphone, manage them based on the programming that was done, while still interpreting and managing the sound signals based on its specific technological features. This manipulated signal is then sent to the receiver, which is located in the portion of the hearing aid closer to your ear canal. It is then amplified and sent towards the eardrum.

Clearly, hearing aid technology can be complicated. The professional Audiologist at Echo Audiology knows it second-to-none and would be happy to simplify it for you with an in-person explanation.

Don’t continue living with hearing loss! Your friends and family will thank you for taking action so that you can hear them properly again.

The staff at Echo Audiology would be happy to discuss your options with you. They understand your situation and help people every day. Indulge in their professional services. Bask in their professional and quality care.

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Information obtained from various sources and; modified by Karine Bossé