Hearing Aids and How They Work.

Are you hearing what people are saying to you? Do you feel left out of the conversation? Solutions are available and in this blog post we briefly describe hearing aids and how they work. The Audiologist and staff at Echo Audiology understand and can help you. Hearing...

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Typical Signs of Hearing Loss

Do you think you have hearing loss? Are you experiencing some hearing difficulties and think you might need a hearing test? Here are 10 typical signs of hearing loss for you to consider:  Feeling like people mumble Increasing the volume of the television/radio...

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Sudden Onset Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can occur gradually or with sudden onset. At Echo Audiology, your Orléans hearing clinic, we take your hearing seriously. Sudden Onset Hearing Loss may be mistaken for something else. If you suspect Sudden Onset Hearing Loss, contact Echo Audiology, your...

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Understanding The Hearing System

The hearing system is quite complex. However, it can be broken down into 3 main parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. In each section, there are structures that play a role in allowing us to hear in our daily environments. Outer Ear The Outer Ear is...

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