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COVID-19: Safety Measures at Echo Audiology

As per our professional College guidelines, as well as those from the Ontario Ministry of Health, a Point-of-Care Risk Assessment must be performed for all patients visiting the clinic.  

For the safety of our patients and staff, masks are strongly recommended. Until further notice, our staff will continue to wear masks during your appointments and in common space areas. The use of appropriate PPE and most previously established safety measures will also remain in place, including hand hygiene, regular disinfecting, and the use of sneeze guards.  

Please note, some procedures may require for our Patients to wear a mask for the safety of their healthcare professional as it may result in the spread of aerosols (small liquid droplets), such as earmould impression taking and wax removal procedures. If you do not have one with you, one will be provided for you to use during this procedure. 

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